Grrl Talk!_e01 – Crushes


Yo!  What do you get when you mix two sexy, smart grrls & Richard Avery?  You get Juliland Radio’s newest Podcast Show GRRL TALK! starring the sassy Nikki Next & Serena Blair.  The idea is simple: pick a topic and talk about it till we get tired.  Yes, it’s that simple.  Listen in and you just might learn something new or nothing at all, but I know you will have fun no matter what!  This week’s topic… Crushes

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  • Jack

    Why does the host continually interrupt the girls at only interesting points? It’s not about the host’s wit, it’s about the interesting things the girls want to say. He cuts off the Nikki girl as she trying to give her 3rd crust. Zero format and control on his part – he should listen to Marc Maron.

    • Thanks for the advice. Just so you know… this was the first show. We have a lot to figure out. I promise it will get better and if I have my way… ALL grrls and NO me. Thanks for listening!!! :-)

      • Jack

        Whoa – Just saw this, thanks for responding. What’s up with Gracie Glam? She was totally entertaining. Can you bring her back?